At Art India, we believe that sustainability is not just a choice but a way of living. The emotion riveting Earth Day brings about cognizance to start living a life of purpose and utilizing the waste to create something of value, but this thought needs to be incorporated for a longer period so that a change can be seen.


We are driven by the notion to create at least 60% of our products from repurposing and recycling textiles and plastic waste from our in- house yarn wastages and yard of old plastic bottles and converting them as PET products. Our rugs and carpets get a transitional edge where modern meets traditional aesthetics and that juxtaposition caters to a large market of customers.


On seeing from what the world is suffering today, we have pledged to eliminate anything that harms the environment. By incorporating waste materials in our products from old chindi, cotton, faux leather, and wool, we are not only manufacturing environment-friendly products round the year but also making a conscious effort in doing a bit for our environment as its resource consumers and creating designs that are functional yet chic!

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