Global population growth and rising living standards have caused an increase in textile demands as a natural consequence of basic needs but it also produces a massive quantity of textile wastes that goes into landfills and in return damages the environment. As per a lot of qualitative studies, in recent years, ethical consumption has become evidently popular. A change in consumer’s purchasing behaviour has been noticed and is transitioning to switch to a sustainable lifestyle because of social awareness and campaigns through different multimedia platforms. They are inclined towards products that offer a strong story with individuality, comfort and good design.

We, at Art India, wanted to contribute to help recover the nature and be a part of the change.

For us, transparency is very essential and giving the right information will help the consumers get an insight in a product’s production and ultimately buy more environmental friendly. So with a thorough research and database collection of prospective outcomes, we have come up with a special yarn that is completely recycled in its purest form.

From cotton, polyester, wool, jute, viscose and linen to even scraps of yarns and fabrics – every possible in-house textile waste was taken and processed into a yarn with added 30% of wool with good fiber length for spinning ease as the processed recycled fibers were of shorter length. The beauty of the yarn is its authenticity and rawness that comes with a purpose.

Initially, the textile waste generated in-house was handed over to an agency for a purposeful use but they were inconsistent in their endeavor as it came under a demand based sector, and would either go to landfills or be burned in an incautious manner. But now, we are producing 5 tons of ready recycled yarn throughout the year, so we can proudly say that all our factory textile waste will be fully utilized.

At ART INDIA, we have made a tie up with other companies as well and pledged to put not just ours but their textile waste to great use too, that would not just benefit the environment, but would also embrace the ideology of designing modern homes with a sustainable approach.

We are happy to announce that we have come  up with new home décor collections in our special yarn.

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